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Farming and agriculture to individual lawns and gardens.

EarthRenew has developed patented organic fertilizer with high concentration of organic matter and nutrients in small dense pellets. Utilizing fresh manure without additives, these easy to handle and apply granules work on even the most sensitive crops.

Organic Fertilizer Crop

Organic Farming & Agriculture

Our product provides organic farmers with a concentrated fertilizer that approximates chemical fertilizer in its density, water content, concentration and ease of use.

Organic Fertilizer Fruit

Fruit & Vegetable Production

A well balanced mix of nutrients and organic matter means that your fruits & vegetables will be well equipped for the full span of the growing season.

Organic Fertilizer Sod

Trees, Shrubs, Sod & Grass

EarthRenew is a perfect fit for trees, shrubs, sod & grass. The granules can easily be applied and incorporated before and during planting.

How EarthRenew Works

EarthRenew is a safe and effective organic fertilizer containing a high concentration of organic matter and concentrated nutrients to increase plant health

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Granules slowly and steadily release nutrients to plants resulting in longer fertilization period and helping to prevent leaching into groundwater.

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Granules hold nutrients in the plant root zone throughout the growing season, increasing PNU by 2 to 3 times compared to conventional fertilizers.

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By Increasing organic content in soils EarthRenew helps to increase moisture retention effective for building sandy, rocky, or topsoil deficient soils.

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EarthRenew has much higher plant nutrient uptake of 90% due to the form of nutrients and the organic matter multiplier effect.

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One ton of EarthRenew product contains approximately 1,000 lbs of concentrated organic matter; about 35 lbs of nitrogen; 24 lbs of phosphorus

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EarthRenew enhances the physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil, which increases the soil’s natural ability to hold and distribute nutrients.

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Why Choose EarthRenew?

EarthRenew results in a significant reduction in labor, fertilizer, transportation and application costs.

EarthRenew vs. Chemical Fertilizer

Instead of applying fertilizers based on the traditional NPK content, growers using EarthRenew Organic Matter in a Granule assess nutrient applications based on the PNU rate, resulting in reduced overall fertilizer use - removing the need for expensive multiple applications of fertilizers. 

EarthRenew vs. Compost

EarthRenew Organic Matter in a Granule is free of pathogens, weed seeds and most chemical compounds such as pesticides and pharmaceuticals frequently found in composts. Through the composting process, 66% to 75% of the organic matter and 70% of the nitrogen contained in the compost is lost and emitted as greenhouse gasses, effecting your yield and the planet.

How EarthRenew is Made

Made at our Alberta facility, manure is processed and cooked at high temperatures using EarthRenew’s patented technologies.

EarthRenew granules are produced by cooking fresh manure at temperatures in excess of 340°C (650°F), which stabilizes and concentrates the organic matter and nutrients contained in the manure. The end result is a safe, dry, easy to handle dense organic products that will not burn grass, plants or skin.

High temperature treatment destroys pathogens and chemical compounds as well as deactivates weed seeds, making the final product safe to use on the most sensitive crops.

Organic Fertilizer Granules

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