About EarthRenew

All of EarthRenew's patented products are produced in our Alberta facility.

Organic Fertilizer Plant

EarthRenew has developed, patented and commercialized revolutionary energy-efficient, heat processing technologies applicable to large markets: soil and fertilizer products, waste conversion, water treatment and desalination, lagoon and tailings pond treatment, and other heat processing industries.

The initial commercialized application of these technologies is the manufacture of our patented soil products.

Product Certifications

Our product has been approved by the Organic Producers Association of Manitoba Co-operative (OPAM) as compliant under the Canadian National Organic Standards as a crop production aid.

Organic Fertilizer Certification
EarthRenew certification

EarthRenew expects our product to be approved for use in certified organic crop production in the
U.S and Canada. Our product is pending approval for unrestricted use in organic agriculture by the Washington State Department
of Agriculture (WSDA) and the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)


In order to solely focus on product production and quality, EarthRenew has partnered with Sun Country Organics 
to manage sales and distribution.

Having over 20 years of experience in agriculture and crop production as well as a proven track record in sales, Sun Country has joined forces with EarthRenew as the official sales distribution partner.

Sun Country Organics is working to bring EarthRenew to leading retailers throughout Canada and the United States. Packaged in the new Sun Country Organics bags, look for Earth Renew organic plant food and soil builder in home and garden stores near you. 

Contact us to learn more about carrying EarthRenew or using organic fertilizer in your business.

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