Why use GrowER?

About GrowER

Our original broadbase GrowER organic fertilizer, which contains pure heat treated livestock waste (cow manure) without any additives, helps increase nutrient and organic matter content in soil. Flash vaporization instantly breaks down and destroys common pathogens (i.e. E.Coli, Salmonella, Mycobacterium, Paratuberculosis, Cryptosporida, Giardia and other food borne pathogens), weed seeds, and even chemicals including pesticide and herbicide residues.

Product Benefits

Increases soil organic matter

The amount of soil organic matter (SOM) in soil is a gauge of soil health and fertility. EarthRenew's 50% weighting of SOM ensures plants get maximum use of all available nutrients.

Adds valuable micronutrients

EarthRenew's organic fertilizer contains vital micronutrients, which play a critical role in healthy plant development.

Improves crop yields

EarthRenew’s base organic fertilizer formula offers organic farmers 20% to 40% higher yields than conventional growers using equivalent chemical fertilizers due to plant nutrient uptake (PNU) of roughly 90%

Releases nutrients slowly

Our slow-release fertilizer pellets ensure nutrients are held close to the plant over a longer duration. Now you can extend the utility of your fertilizer application beyond the growing season.

Easy to store, transport and apply

Manure use typically entails high labor, transportation, and application costs.
In comparison, EarthRenew's organic fertilizer is easy to store, transport, and apply thanks to its pelleted form factor. EarthRenew's organic fertilizer can be applied using traditional farm fertilizer application equipment, including broadcast spreaders, shanking, subsoil injectors, side banders and air seeders.

Product Certifications

Application Guidelines

For crops, apply 1-2 tonnes of GrowER organic fertilizer per acre per year at seeding or broadcast spread and incorporate it into the soil prior to planting. By placing GrowER organic fertilizer at the root zone before emergence, plants receive a steady and consistent supply of nutrients throughout the growing season.

To rebuild soils, apply GrowER organic fertilizer year-round to the top 20cm of topsoil, where over 50% of root development takes place. GrowER releases nutrients slowly, ensuring that nutrients are retained within this critical zone over a longer period of time.