Our patented technology transforms livestock waste into powerful organic fertilizer

Our technology applies the exhaust from a natural gas turbine to thermally treat livestock waste (cow manure) . Electricity produced by this gas turbine can be sold to offset the majority of our fuel costs, creating an economically sustainable and environmentally friendly method of organic fertilizer production. To date, approximately $70 million has been invested into the development and commercialization of our technology.

Our organic fertilizer production process

Raw livestock manure is transported to a preconditioning area where the material is screened to remove foreign objects (i.e. rocks and unwanted organics)

Livestock manure is moved to a dryer, where waste heat from an active natural gas turbine (which is used to generate electricity) thermally treats the waste. Our patented thermal processing technology eliminates all potential pathogens in the manure without charring or burning.

Processed livestock manure is combined with environmentally friendly additives to create our proprietary fertilizer blend. We are currently working with multiple companies to diversify our product line and offer organic fertilizer blends with different nitrogen, phosphate, potassium (NPK) ratios.

Our organic fertilizer blends are then pelleted and bagged before being sold. Additionally, the electricity produced earlier in the process by the natural gas turbine can be sold to the host farm, third parties or back to the grid.

A solution for virtually any livestock operator

Our facilities, beginning with our Strathmore location, are designed with modularity in mind, providing livestock operators with flexible and scalable buildout options.

All facility machinery - from the manure dryer to processing equipment - can be sized relative to a farm's capacity and its volume of manure.

  • Our processes utilize up to 85% of the energy in fuel
  • Our use of natural gas turbine as a burner increases heat processing efficiencies by over 60% in comparison to conventional heating methods

Our flagship Strathmore facility

Our flagship Strathmore Facility, which is located on a ~25,000 head Cattleland Feedyards feedlot near Calgary, Alberta, has received facility permitting and operations approval from the Ministry of Alberta Environment and Parks for commercial power generation. Permitting for fertilizer production is ongoing.

This facility, which is currently undergoing a redesign will be able to produce 10 tonnes per hour of dry finished pellets once fully operational.